A project log for Mjolnir

A hammer than only Thor can pick up!

Brandon HartBrandon Hart 07/22/2016 at 03:470 Comments

Just a quick post about the recent progress I've been making on Mjolnir. I've been learning a lot about tapping aluminum! I went through 3 drill bits and 4 taps, but I finally got all of the various brackets, standoffs, and mounting holes done. Additionally, I created a custom designed and 3D printed bracket to hold my batteries and RFID securely in place, while also allowing for wires to pass through it where needed. I'm now starting the final wiring. Pretty pleased with how this is looking (even though it will all be hidden when completed). Still quite a bit of work to do before it's done, but the end is in sight!

My biggest concern at this point is about whether the magnets will be as strong as I need them to be once everything is wired up. They were pretty weak when I breadboarded them, which is to be expected, but still makes me nervous. I'll find out soon!