• Propeller One bus board

    jay-t03/25/2016 at 16:06 0 comments

    I did cut a piece of stripe hole board and soldered pin plugs in. This is a bus board to connect the expansion ports of up to 4 Propeller One boards. There are ten data lines. I soldered two connectors in to do a test. The jumper switches the 3.3 volt power output to the other boards. So at least in theory only the master board needs a power supply.

    I have to write a program now which makes use of the bus board...

  • EEPROM upgrade

    jay-t01/06/2016 at 11:04 0 comments

    I did build two additional Propeller One boards. This time with an 64 KB EEPROM.

    So I have now the double amount of storage for the new Tachyon Forth. It is possible to store Forth words in the 64 KB EEPROM. The words are stored in the upper 32 KB. This is good for complex programs.

  • Propeller "controller" board?

    jay-t04/28/2014 at 15:49 0 comments

    While developing on Jimmy the mouse bot I had the idea of a new "slimmed down" version of my Propeller development board. Sometimes less is more and you don't need lots of the ports the board has. So this would be more of a controller like board with only the Propeller, EEPROM, quarz and expansion headers to connect to whatever stuff someone needs. If this runs from 3V (two AA batteries) then even a power regulator should be not needed. 

    I think the power supply could be on a tiny single board as a module that can be plugged onto the controller board if needed. This would be a more modular approach I think.