Pump module

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Growing food crops and other plants in small indoor spaces using established containers like regular plant pots and very little money.

Prof. FartsparkleProf. Fartsparkle 04/15/2018 at 22:540 Comments

I designed a a first prototype for the PCB that will hold the pump and also be responsible for controlling it.

I wanted the pump to be just as integrated into the system as everything else so I didn't want it to sit somewhere on the floor but rather sit on the rods as well. So it was also kind of obvious to integrate the pump into a PCB together with its controller.

Totally legit footprint checking

Having native USB on the SAMD11 is really neat. I can debug a module without needing a programmer or USB to UART adapter.
The module is pretty simple. The base structure for every module is a SAMD11 loaded up with a bossac compatible bootloader, powered by a 3v3 LDO and programmed through its USB pins.
For driving the pump (actually just a glorified DC fan) I use a little mosfet.
I'm a bit lazy with gathering all my board files and code but I will upload all source files very soon.

Here is the finished prototype board. I actually fucked up the mosfet connection and reversed source and drain but that is luckily an easy fix without any soldermask on the board :)
I just tilted the mosfet by 45° as you can somewhat see hiding behind the red wire.