A project log for MoonLander

A small, low cost and low power Cortex-M0+ dev board

Alex HiamAlex Hiam 06/08/2016 at 15:360 Comments

I put together a quick project with the MoonLander for the OSHPark #BringAHack dinner after Maker Faire, which I called the BICORDER. All the code is up on Github. It was a good chance to test out the board - the one annoying thing was not having a base board to adapt it to a 0.1" header for easy breadboarding, so I ended up soldering temporary wires for prototyping then had to remove those to wire it up in the case. I'm still happy with the 2mm pitch for the I/O, I just need to make up an adapter board (I actually have a board already, I just gotta sort out getting the right height headers and standoffs).