• How Do LCD Panels works?

    Kotowski01/14/2016 at 13:24 0 comments

    Found an interesting link, which sheds some light on the high Lumen, little output on the LED conversion of LCD projectors:



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    Adquiered a NEC LT155 projector with bad bulb, decided to try to convert to LED.

    Research Shows that even LED's output more Lumens than the original lamps, they seem to be dimmer in the end.

    Possible causes:

    Filters in front of the LCD chips

    Wavelenght of LED Light vs. Wavelenght of original bulb.

    Possible solutions:

    Tamper with the filters in front of the LCD chips

    Higher color temperarture LEDS, like the ones used in aquariums

    Research LED wavelebnght vs. bulb wavelenght

    Use 3 LED chips, RGB, one for each corresponding LCD