• Final Log [Stardate 55161.1​​]

    George01/23/2016 at 19:43 0 comments

    It is done. There were no survivors.

    The files are now up for download.

  • Not bad

    George01/17/2016 at 16:50 1 comment

    So, i did it.

    And it doesn't look half bad !

    BUT, printer failed me again (or winter, it's really cold here) and the corners curled up again...

    it fits, it just looks bad.

    USB fits perfectly

    and the battery + pcb of power bank

    Also the power bank has button to turn it off/on, so the pin on the top works as that button !

    A had few issues with tolerances, so i'll fix that in 3D model and then i'll send it to THE INTERNET !

    ALSO, this isn't the final log, i still don't have the magnets so i cannot glue it all together. When they arrive, i'll glue everything to everything and do final touches.

  • Another settlement needs our help

    George01/15/2016 at 23:02 2 comments

    So, after checking out the damage on printer. it seems there is non (yay!) Just fix that spoon of devil himself and its ready to print again !


    The printed parts aren't that good. I cut the two halves to another two halves for better printing, but two out of four are curled up at corners, so they won't fit together (Ahhgrrrr!!)

    I didn't even bother to clean them up from brim and supports, also sorry for bad quality of pictures (and english =D)

    But the other two halves seems fine and it should not be that hard to print out the remaining piece. Sadly i didn't have time today, maybe tomorrow.

    Also magnets didn't arrive.. damn you Czech post ! On monday I'm going on a business trip so I won't be able to complete it until thursday ! :C

  • Total (Atomic) Annihilation

    George01/15/2016 at 08:28 3 comments

    I started printing the case yesterday and because it was almost 10h print, it should end in about 3 in the morning. Everything was going smoothly until midnight, when really bad cry of motors wake me up. The filament unrolled from spoon and get tangled in .. everything. This blocked the movement of printer and print fail at ~80% :C

    I'll have to clean up the printer and fix the unrolling filament with some short of break and then i can try printing it again. At least i can hopefully test magnets (if they arrive today by a post), if they will fit in the model and modify it if needed.

  • Printing

    George01/14/2016 at 14:05 0 comments

    Yesterday i brought the power bank from local shop for few bucks (199 czk ~ 8$) and tear it apart to have bare battery and PCB (for better fit) Today i'll be printing the body of Fusion core.

    I've done several small modifications in original model of the fusion core to fit the entrails of power bank, and also so i can snap those two halves together with MAGNETS !! I ordered 4 8x8mm (2 to every half) Neodymium magnets (2,8kg pull each, wow) and integrated them inside the 3D model.

    Powerbank pcb also have 2 LEDs to show power-on/off and charging/low(?) status. So i modified the top cap where I'll put small switch with 2 LEDs. Connecting halves together will be done with small pads, no wires (so you can crack the core in half with bare hands and don't damage any cables.