A project log for Fusion Core Powerbank [Fallout 4]

Power banks are cool. So are fusion cores in Fallout 4.

GeorgeGeorge 01/14/2016 at 14:050 Comments

Yesterday i brought the power bank from local shop for few bucks (199 czk ~ 8$) and tear it apart to have bare battery and PCB (for better fit) Today i'll be printing the body of Fusion core.

I've done several small modifications in original model of the fusion core to fit the entrails of power bank, and also so i can snap those two halves together with MAGNETS !! I ordered 4 8x8mm (2 to every half) Neodymium magnets (2,8kg pull each, wow) and integrated them inside the 3D model.

Powerbank pcb also have 2 LEDs to show power-on/off and charging/low(?) status. So i modified the top cap where I'll put small switch with 2 LEDs. Connecting halves together will be done with small pads, no wires (so you can crack the core in half with bare hands and don't damage any cables.