Gps, Alarm and Power Monitor installation

A project log for Watchdog Security Camera Robot

Solar charges, Open build, affordable, watch and report or community presence robot.

josh-starnesJosh Starnes 03/22/2018 at 19:100 Comments
All I need to do to find the robots location is a phone call, text or download a app that keeps track of the location. also the gps is an alarm that can sound a siren exactly like a car alarm and even has a keyfob that I can use to arm or disarm the alarm before I touch the robot.. Also the robot alarms me if the battery is low or disconnected as well. The unit is GPS 303D

I mentioned earlier I wanted to put in GPS to monitor the robots location, setup a GPS fence and also track it in the event that it is stolen. it has a built in battery and keeps working even after battery is disconnected just like a cell phone. As a matter of fact I can call or text my robot and it will respond and I can hear audio as well!

I took the GPS case apart and installed it upside down so that the connection status lights are not visible, so if it is stolen, the thief wouldn't realize something is still on when the battery is disconnected.