Battery Upgrade to Sealed Lead Acid 35 ah

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josh-starnesJosh Starnes 03/22/2018 at 19:460 Comments

Like the title says I am upgrading the batteries. The lawn and garden batteries were actually for my lawn mower robot, because they needed to be charged and discharged quickly and I needed 4 to swap out half way through mowing the lawn. So swapping to the 35 ah batteries would be better, I will start at two batteries but it is looking like they are too tall for the deck lid to go down all the way.. hmmm I will only know after testing that a single 12v battery will be sufficient for a 24 hour tour around the yard recording. At this time in the picture they are wired in 24 volt configuration, but I don't think I need this much voltage.  I chose Power Sonic 12 volt 12350 35 ah sealed lead acid batteries.