Stormy night runtime test Success!.. Sorta

A project log for Watchdog Security Camera Robot

Solar charges, Open build, affordable, watch and report or community presence robot.

josh-starnesJosh Starnes 03/22/2018 at 19:570 Comments

Watchdog will need to run in all weather so I need to know if I can get this guy out in the rain and if there are any significant leaks that I will need to combat. The head is almost sealed and no heat sinks on the raspberry pi so i will check their temps after a night of running without clean airflow. the only additional sealing is a piece of tape around the front hood. I will have a rubber weather seal later when I get a chance and the funds. believe it or not this is a low budget project for what I am making, and that it should be as one of the project goals is sub 1000 dollar build. The second picture is the rear camera on the  robot. the raspberry pi that is connected to the front cam keeps failing after a few minutes. I ordered a replacement and in the future I will get heat sinks to make sure 24 hour run time is not a heat issue, after all summer is just around the corner. I may need a fan in there. :\  The Ir leds are running as you can see a purple hue to the white door but otherwise looks ok. You can see that the batteries cause the deck lid to stick up because the head is tilted forward a bit. Maybe I can modify how the body panels mount to compensate for the higher battery type.