Variable bench powersupply 1-80V 0-10A

Computer PSU mod with 2 sub DC-DC converters (1,25-36V 8A + 12-80V 10A)

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Another ATX powersupply mod with a variable output:


Also the normal output of the psu can be used


The variable output is seperated by two DC-DC converters. One for high voltage and one for low voltage. Both have their own display for voltage and amperage. These displays can be tuned to display the right voltage.
On the left is the high voltage channel (12~80V)
On the right is the low voltage channel (1,25-12V)

The faithful ATX psu mod needed an upgrade with variable voltages and more then 12V so this happened. I got inspired on the web and came up with the following circuit with the parts I could get. If anyone knows a handy way to do this digitally, keep me recommended!

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  • 1 × Boost module 600W 12-80V €10.50 Input voltage: 10V-60V Input Current: Maximum input current 15A Output voltage: 12V-80V adjustable Output Current: Maximum output current 10A (adjustable) Output power: effective power P = input voltage V * 10A Conversion efficiency: Up to 95% (input voltage and current; output voltage and current affect the conversion efficiency) Short circuit protection: fuse Module size: 73 * 51mm €10.50
  • 1 × CV-CC converter €6.50 1,25 – 36V 0-8A switching psu CV-CC, Voltage: 7-40V in, 1,25 – 36V out adjustable Current: 0-8A (max. 80 W) adjustable. Max efficiency 95% switching frequency 180KHz. size: 70*39*31mm €6,56
  • 1 × Ammeter display 0-5A €5.51 from SKU: 198815 C20D 3-digit 0.56" Blue LED Digital Ammeter Meter Module - Black + Green | Measurement range: DC 0~5A; 3-digit 0.56" LED digital tube; Display color: Blue; Refresh rate: about 500ms; Power: DC 4.5~28V
  • 1 × Voltmeter display €1.50 from SKU: 227203 | V20D-T1 0.36" LED 3-Digital Voltmeter - Black + Green + White (DC 3.2~30V)
  • 1 × VA meter display €10.03 from SKU: 219592 Mini Digital Blue + Red LED DC Current Meter Voltmeter w/ Ampere Shunt | Operating voltage:DC 4.5 ~ 30V - Measure voltage: DC 0 ~ 100V - Minimum resolution(V): 0.1V - Measure current:50A (require external shunt) - Minimum resolution(A): 0.1A - Operating current:

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    Step 1

    Mod computer ATX powersupply

  • 2
    Step 2

    Test circuit with all the parts you bought.

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    Step 3

    Create frontplate+ top plate + backplate from sheetmaterial. Also make the bottom plate (I used 8mm multiplex). Make shure you have enough room for everything. I made the top and bottom plates too long so I can cut them off later.

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