Solar Thermal Air Heater

We designed, constructed and installed a solar thermal air heater on the end of a shipping container we've converted to grow food.

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In our quest to develop a zero-carbon food production facility, we are constantly trying new things. This solar thermal air heater generates a steady stream of hot air any time the sun is shining.

This unit was designed and built in Columbus, Ohio. It is installed on the South end of a shipping container that has been converted into a zero-footprint food production facility. On cold but sunny days, it adds a steady stream of hot air (90 - 110F) to the facility with no moving parts or energy input, other than a small fan.


Complete build instructions for the Solar Thermal Air Heater.

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  • 1 × 4' x 8' Sheet of Plywood, 3/8" thick
  • 3 × 8' 1" x 6" boards
  • 1 × 4' x 8' sheet of 1" foam board insulation
  • 3 × 8', 1" x 2" boards
  • 1 × 16' of 4'-wide black aluminum screen

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    Complete instructions are provided in the Construction Guide pdf file attached to this project.

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