I have wanted to make a kalimba for about a year, so I started collecting street sweeper tines. The local cigar store let me have my pick of several boxes, and I thought this might be a good one.

For the most part, it is. I thought it was all wood, but the top and sides are like compressed sawdust or something. Even that was not a problem by itself, but I noticed too late that the walls are 1/4" thick so I can't thread nuts onto the pot shafts. I sort of half drilled out a larger hole around the jack. That would be a lot prettier if not for the fluffy sawdust composition.

It's nearly finished. The tines are too long and need to be sanded. I might hammer the ends out a bit. There won't be any box corners on it after all. I guess I'll save them for a cigar box guitar, which is probably next.