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A project log for SubPos Ranger

The SubPos Ranger allows you to accurately measure distance or obtain your position indoors for all hobbyist robotics applications.

BleckyBlecky 01/19/2016 at 07:361 Comment

I've finally managed to rework the Atmel RTB Evaluation Application ( to run on the ATxmega256A3U and AT86RF233 Zigbit Module (~$30), rather than having to purchase the expensive REB233SMAD-EK.

With this rework I can now start developing an extensible addon for SubPos to get additional, more accurate (+-10cm) ranging for better distance calculation.

This addon will not work with existing infrastructure or smartphones and will require a specialised receiver. However, I also have SubPos and trilateration code working on a Teensy 3.2 that this ranging module will feed into to allow it to be attached to autonomous devices for navigation indoors.

Actual output from two Zigbit modules with a single antenna:

I'll have a demo of the ranging operating shortly.


kaliketekalikete wrote 12/15/2020 at 23:21 point

We are working on a project on antennas for localization in Zigbee WSN, using the Atmel REB233SMAD evaluation kit that allows access to two simultaneous RF ports (antenna diversity).
I am writing to you because we are having trouble using this board, and I have seen you post something about it. If you could help us, we would be delighted. Basically we can't get the board to work and acquire RSSI from the two antenna ports.

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