PFC Revision

A project log for Ionic Thruster Power Supply

HVDC power supply that provides +54kV, -54kV, and -73kV with minimal voltage ripple and moderate output current.

Robert RouquetteRobert Rouquette 11/26/2016 at 04:240 Comments

Finally getting back to this project after quite an absence. Currently working on getting the design of the 2kV power chain completed. Also taking the time to learn KiCad. A screen shot of the PFC board is included below. New PFC design boasts 400V @ 2.5A output with 220VAC input. Input EMI filter and output 8800uF capacitor bank are off-board. The switching frequency is 100kHz, and the circuit utilizes polyphase switching to minimize HF ripple and noise. Loose output voltage regulation is achieved through cycle-skipping, which preserves both the high power factor and the high efficiency of the PFC: 95% @ 1kW, 91% @ 250W. The design does not require discrete heat-sinks and uses steady airflow to maintain optimal temperature.

The 15V power plane is hidden in the image, but it has the same footprint as the ground plane. (green L-shaped layer)