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UFO inventor Nikola Tesla patented in 1928 and 2016 reprojetado

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Nikola Tesla foi creditado com a criação de grande parte da tecnologia que nós agora tomamos para concedido. Sem a genialidade de Tesla não teria rádio, TV, eletricidade AC, bobina de Tesla, iluminação fluorescente, luzes de néon, dispositivos de controle de rádio, robótica, raios-X, radar, microondas e dezenas de outras invenções surpreendentes.
Devido a isso, não é nenhuma surpresa que a Tesla também cavados no mundo do vôo e, possivelmente, antigravidade. Na verdade, sua última patente em 1928 (# 1655114), foi para uma máquina voadora que se assemelhava tanto um helicóptero e um avião.
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We're in 2016 and people still want to know: where the hell are the flying skateboards that we saw in "Back to the Future"? They have been doing trick with us last year, with video and everything. Everyone believed and wanted to ask for a time. But it was a lie. #chateada

I have no prediction that day / year this preposterous invention will come to market part of our daily lives. Especially because I'm no Nikola Tesla. This rather manjava the future. If he were alive today, he would probably know the answer. Because besides being a brilliant physicist, he actually predicted a lot of Century technologies 21. And quite accurately.

On January 30, 1926, a magazine called Collier published an interview with the legendary inventor. In it, Tesla talked about his amazing predictions for the future. Among them, he spoke of a world of flying machines, wireless power and female superiority. Some of the predictions were well-aimed. Others, not so much.

Tesla already knew about the future of TV and mobile phone technology

In early 1926, when this interview with Tesla was published, the television was still in its infancy. But just the fact that it has been invented Tesla was enough to see a bright future for this technology. Even then, he predicted what is now called Smart TVs.

In the words of Tesla himself when wireless technology (our wireless wanted) was well established around the world (as is increasingly), the planet would become a huge brain. In the interview, he even said he would be "able to communicate with each other instantly, regardless of distance."

He also came to talk to every word through television and telephony we were going to see and hear each other perfectly as if we were face to face, although we were physically separated by thousands of kilometers. "A man will be able to carry a [these technologies] in his vest pocket." Not that he hit !?

In the interview, he continues:

"We will be able to witness and hear a president possession of events, playing a game, the destruction caused by an earthquake or terror of war as if we were present. When the transmission without power wire for trade, transport and communication will be revolutionized. Since the films will be transmitted by wireless short. Later, the distance is unlimited. "

Wireless transmission was of particular interest for Tesla, as you will see in the next section. But it was his predictions about the mobile phone technology that have proven most accomplished, so to speak, here in the early 21st century.

Tesla about flying machines

Tesla was incredibly optimistic about the future of flying machines from the 1926 perspective.

"Perhaps the most valuable application of wireless power will propel flying machines, they will not need any fuel and be free from any limitations of today's airplanes and airships. Let fly from New York to Europe in a few hours. International borders are largely destroyed and a major step will be taken towards the unification and harmonious existence of various races that inhabit the planet. Wireless technology will not only make it possible to supply energy to inaccessible regions, it will also be politically effective, harmonizing international interests; it will create understanding rather than differences. "

The idea of traveling from New York to London in just a few hours remained a fantasy until the jet age, but we are still waiting for planes "carry no fuel," as he predicted.

Tesla on wireless power and printing of newspapers at home

Tesla was way ahead of its time in many ways. And as he and Hugo Gernsback (which was inventor, science fiction editor and author) were friends, you can draw a direct line between some of the ideas that Tesla had and the fascinating statements that would appear in many technology magazines and science fiction of Gernsback. A perfect example is the wireless newspaper.

He predicted that the receivers know the way in 1926, would be extinct. "Static and all forms of interference are eliminated, so that several transmitters...

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