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using a raspberry pi to control lights over static network with Arduino Nano nodes

shane bourgeoisshane bourgeois 01/20/2016 at 03:040 Comments

you need a

1. 8g mini sd card

2.usb stick (I use a mini 16g stick)

3. I also have a Adafruit RGB Positive 16x2 Lcd+keypad Kit for Raspberry Pi

4. I got a Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2 Adafruit LCD Case from built to spec

I fallowed these instructions

Installing the Falcon Player (FPP) on your Raspberry Pi

The latest FPP release for the Raspberry Pi is FPP v1.5 and is available for download at the following location:

FPP v1.5 Release Pi SD image:

The Falcon Player is designed to be treated like a software appliance. To make FPP installation easier on the Raspberry Pi, the player is distributed in a ZIP file which contains the Pi NOOBs installer. This installer will install the Raspbian Linux Operating System and the FPP software onto the SD card. You will need to copy the contents of the FPP .zip file onto a SD card and boot the Pi using the SD card. Upon boot, the NOOBs installer will take over and install Raspbian and the Falcon Player.

These instructions will guide you through installing the NOOBs image on your SD card that will allow you to easily install the OS and FPP as well as recover your card if the OS becomes corrupted.