Soliddoodle Workbench Motherboard Upgrade Hell

This 3D printer, a Workbench by Soliddoodle, hates me. I'm trying to get the firmware to update. But wait! What if it's dead?

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Should I get a new motherboard? Which motherboard? Should I tell Adam, the owner at the Makerspace that the motherboard will cost $600 and direct him to put his credit card number into but really have him buy me a vacation to Tahiti?

Anyway. This is an attempt to update the firmware. Which, is a task from hell. Sure... it's simple for you programmers. But why isn't there an easier way? Wait. I'm digressing.

Solidoodle is nearly a dead company. Returns are difficult. So, right now, I'm in the process of figuring out what to do – and I'm unsure.

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