Tracked Robot

Medium sized tacked robot

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I've been wanting to build a robot for a while, and i've seen many very small kits or very expensive industrial grade robots. What I was looking for was to build something that was bigger than a toy maybe 12-18" in length and really durable. Another requirement is that it be able to carry a payload for future projects.

At this time the robot itself doesn't have a specific use case, i'm focusing on the core components before I start figuring out the specific tasks it will complete. Likely it will leverage OpenCV and have a 6DOF arm attached to it, or a turret.

I've been working with Joshua from on a chassis design and have purchased my tracks from him, he has been a pleasure to work with and I can't praise the quality of the tank treads enough.

I'll keep this project log updated with progress.


  • Decide on the onboard computer - I'm still experimenting between some boards here, it will be easier when I decide what the robot will do. Currently I've been toying with different ideas with a Odroid-XU4, a Teensy 3.2, Raspberry Pi Zero. Some are cheaper than others to replicate but something like the Odroid will be great for doing OpenCV.
  • Choose an RC transmitter/receiver combo - This will be used to control the robot in the initial phases, as well as override anything the onboard computer is telling the robot to do.
  • Design, prototype, build the chassis
  • Obstacle detection & avoidance
  • FPV - i'd like a live video feed of what the robot is seeing, both video and sensor data for diagnostics and debugging.

  • 100 × Tank Treads
  • 1 × Sabertooth Dual 25A Motor Driver
  • 2 × IG32P 24VDC 265 RPM Gear Motor with Encoder
  • 1 × Kangaroo x2 motion controller

  • Tracks Received & Assembled

    Erik St. Martin01/20/2016 at 20:01 0 comments

    I've received my tracks from and they are even more durable and high quality than I expected. I can't wait to see them up and running.

    Chassis design is making progress, but likely i'll throw together something in the interim to play with.

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