py2scad | Programmatic 3D CAD with Python and SCAD

Using Python to programmatically design laser-cuttable enclosures and cases.

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As Electronics Engineers, we didn't get the chance to master any one CAD modeling program like Inventor or SolidWorks. However, it was necessary to come up with a fast way of designing enclosures to house some of our electronic products. Thankfully, there's a neat little Python module that is Open-Source, and allows anyone to design programmatically 2D and 3D objects. In this page you can find a guide on how to get started with designing 2D and 3D models from a Python script using the py2scad module.

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vishnubob wrote 03/09/2018 at 22:19 point

Hi there -- I really love this space, and I'm excited to see more people apply python towards generative design!  I've contributed a body of work as well.  If you have some time, check out my talk here:

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Neon22 wrote 03/20/2016 at 10:16 point

Don't forget to look into

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