Entry for HAD 2016 prize, Phase 4: Automation

A project log for Oh Cheat!

USB keystroke generator for quick typing cheat codes in games like GTA.

danjovicdanjovic 07/11/2016 at 20:570 Comments

I've decided to apply this project to phase 4 of Hackaday 2016 prize which involves automation. This post is to clarify/complete some information required;

About the challenge:

The project was conceived for playing "GTA" game series in a PC computer by automate the entry of cheat codes composed by single keystrokes.

About the licenses/permissions:

The project is released underGPL 2.0.

About Third party licences/restrictions

The project is based on Digi-Spark board.

Copyright of information used on the article.

"Oh Sh*t!" game was property of Aackosoft International B.V. (now extinct)

"MSX" is a trademark fromASCII Corporation

"GTA San Andreas" is a trademark from Rockstar