The Upduino v2 and Project IceStorm

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Tom VerbeureTom Verbeure 03/18/2018 at 05:330 Comments

After laying on my nightstand for 3 weeks (during which my BlackIce-II board got all my attention), it's time to get a minimal design going.

The Upduino documentation on GitHub is a Word file that describes how to create a LED blink design with the Lattice iCECube2 software and how to program it with the Lattice Diamond programmer. I don't have those, but I decided to try if it works with Project IceStorm.

Of course, it does.

After the usual amount of struggling with command line options (forgetting to use `sudo` didn't help either), it was able to get a blinking LED going. The results can be found here:

Check out the Makefile for the right combination of command line parameters for the different tools.

Various notes: