Getting an image from an ultrasound fantom

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kelu124kelu124 08/24/2016 at 08:430 Comments
Acquiring a fantom image

The following acquisition was done with an old mechanical ultrasound probe, along with the pulser module, the analog processing module. The acquisition was done with a beaglebone PRUDAQ at 10Msps. I'm not mentionning the power supply module.

You can download the raw data using this link.

The raw imageThe animated image

Comparing with the fantom

I guess the points we see are the points on the left hand of the fantom. The top of the fantom is not seen as the near field artifact is at goes till around 2cm (according to the probe specs).

Some Comments:

As seen in the list of probes, the probe we've been using has the following characteristics:

This matches with what we're seeing.