Power Supply Advice Needed

I need some advice on the best power supply to use.

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I have recently acquired several Sylvania-Osram LEDstixx brand LED lighting modules from a local convenience store that was being remodeled. Before I knew any specifics on the modules, I thought that they were directly powered from the mains supply. Once I had them in hand, I found out that they were powered by 24VDC supplies also available from Sylvania. My question is this, I am planning to use these as garage lighting to replace florescent fixtures operated by a wall switch. Should I use a linear 24V power supply or a Switching supply to power these? I want them to be operational for the long-term and (hopefully) not have to replace them any time soon.
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Irish wrote 01/23/2016 at 20:49 point

Yeah, the garage is unheated, except during these Florida summers when Mother Nature does all the heating. I was looking at an off the shelf supply. I did a quick Google-Fu and found several priced under $20US, so that's where I heading at this point.

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Nicholas Amrich wrote 01/23/2016 at 18:04 point

I had a quick look at the datasheet.  It mentions that the power supply is constant voltage (not current) which is good because either A: there is a circuit built into the LED strips themselves that does current-limiting, or B: 24V is low enough that it doesn't cause the LEDs to heat up a lot and require current-limiting.
This is good because it means you can likely use any off-the-shelf 24V supply and not have to build anything fancy.
As for the type of supply, normally I'd say switching, because they're more efficient.  But for a long term installation in an (unheated?) garage, where the components will go through many thermal cycles, linear may be a better choice because there are fewer things to go wrong.

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