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Handheld Game System featuring the 6502

peter-noyesPeter Noyes 04/13/2021 at 00:230 Comments

It's been a minute but there is an exciting new update on Dodo! The original Dodo Playground is a bit long in the tooth and sadly Chrome Applications had been deprecated so there was no longer a good way to flash Dodo games directly from the browser. 

However, with Chrome 89 that recently came out WebSerial is now generally available to all users of Chrome. This means that there is now a much better solution for communicating with serial devices without even needing a Chrome App! 

For this and other reasons, I decided it was time to give the Playground a facelift so I ported the app to VueJS and introduced support for WebSerial. I am hosting it on a separate URL while I iron out the last details, however it is ready for others to give it a whirl. Another fun technology advancement is that now the simulator part uses WebAssembly, feel free to check out the source below! 

Try out a game here:

The source code for the new playground is available on github