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A project log for Dodo: 6502 Game System

Handheld Game System featuring the 6502

peter-noyesPeter Noyes 12/23/2016 at 04:240 Comments

For fun I hacked together a Christmas demo for Dodo. I found an animated GIF of a retro graphics style Santa which I then manually converted to monochrome. I use the program Pixen for laying out sprites. From there I took the 7 frames and dumped them as byte arrays and wrote a quick little program to cycle through the frames. The resulting sprite size was 42x48 so there were room to show 3 of them. The finishing touch was to get Jingle Bells playing in the background. Unfortunately 256 bytes are not enough to hold the complete song. I will go back and update the firmware to support longer music.

See it in the playground here:

Here is the original GIF: