EXaDrums Version 0.1.0 Released

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Electronic drums for Linux

JeremyJeremy 07/25/2018 at 18:400 Comments

A couple of days ago, I released the versions 0.1.0 of eXaDrums and libexadrums. The releases are both available on Github: eXaDrums, libexadrums.

As you may have seen if you clicked on the previous links, there are three .deb packages that are provided for each release.
One of the packages is for amd64 architecture, so that you can test eXaDrums on your PC.
The other two are for Raspberry Pi: the armhf is intended to be used with the official Raspbian Stretch distribution, and the arm64 one is to be used with a 64-bit distribution and has been tested with Pi64 (Debian Stretch).

The libexadrums package has to be installed first (sudo dpkg -i libexadrums[...].deb), and if you're running eXaDrums on Raspberry Pi with your sensors connected to the SPI interface, you need to start eXaDrums as root. You can do that by typing sudo exadrums in a terminal, or from the startup menu.

Be aware that this is a pre-release, as error handling has not been integrated yet, so be careful when you use the software. In case you break something, you can restore the default configuration using exadrums -r. If you need more info, type exadrums --help-all.