eXaDrums: A Drum Module You Can Make (2)

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Electronic drums for Linux

JeremyJeremy 11/18/2018 at 19:380 Comments

In the previous log (eXaDrums: A Drum Module You Can Make), I showed you how to make an eXaDrums module. However, there's one part that you can't quite make yourself: the enclosure.

Don't worry though, I invested in a 3D printer and spent quite a bit of time modeling things on Freecad. As you can see, I'm now modeling a 3D-printable case for the module.

You may have noticed that the Raspberry Pi touchscreen's dimensions are a bit weird... Frankly, it takes so work to get everything aligned as it should be. Beware, if you try to design something for that touchscreen, that nothing is symmetric!

Anyhow, I've already printed two prototype parts, but I still have to design the most difficult parts. I also need to make sure that all the individual parts are smaller than 150x150mm as this is the size of my printer's bed...

This is the last step to make a completely open-source project, software and hardware. And of course, there will be a Github repository with all the files included.