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A project log for Personal portable 3G router

A battery-powered router with enough features to be unique. WiFi, wired, 3G+ anything I'll need from OpenWRT on it.

aryaArya 09/23/2016 at 19:240 Comments

So, I've got all the necessary components:

I've actually been using this router for a couple of months. The limiting factor, however, was that I didn't manage to make it both create a network and connect to one. Thus, it was useless, though functioning. I also managed to re-design it a couple of times, making it a little nicer each time. However, it still needs to be finished.

I've tried to make one more attempt with making MagJack breakouts, essentially, SMT-deadbugging all the passives onto the jack itself and making a small 3D-printed insert to hold it all in the place designed for it. The insert turned out to be OK, however, the result turned out ot be horrible - the case wasn't meant for that, that's for sure. In the end of my tinkering, it just broke and that was the end of my efforts for that day.

So far, the case has been a nice limitation. However, it's time to remove it from the equation by... Drawing the exact same case in 3D and printing it, with all the holes and necessary features done already. It will also make the project much more repeatable (save for the fact that it uses a devboard that's impossible to get from anywhere nowadays). This could also be an excellent opportunity to try one of those free CAD packages.

Stay tuned~!