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RogerRoger 03/19/2018 at 02:000 Comments

We had a fun gathering for World Create Day hosted by SupplyFrame DesignLab. People started congregating to discuss ideas before the event even officially started. When the start time rolled around, [Katie] did a quick introduction then encouraged everyone to resume brainstorming together. 

Raw ideas don't photograph well, but thankfully some attendees brought projects as conversation starters. [Diego] of brought in the test rig for his MakerMuscle project. This particular unit has run approximately 50,000 cycles and will continue running until [Diego] learns which part fails first. MakerMuscle was Kickstarted a while back and is a candidate for integrating into a project for the Robotics Module Challenge portion of Hackaday Prize.

In the spirit of Hackaday Prize Power Harvesting Challenge, we had the carcass of an old hard drive hooked up to an oscilloscope. The task is to determine how much power (if any) can be feasibly generated by spinning the hard drive motor with an external force. There were discussions around what we can use to turn this small motor-now-generator. From simple hand-operated crank to wind turbines built using salvaged fans.

[Robert] brought in one of his projects, two beefy HVAC damper actuators controlled by an Arduino. The Arduino has a few temperature sensors and the program decides how to configure his home's air circulation path based on the inside & outside temperatures. The discussion at this table veered into how makers seeking to commercialize ideas (like a smart HVAC damper) have a tall legal wall to climb. From prohibitively expensive product liability insurance, to product certification like Underwriter Laboratories, there are a lot of problems to solve before a product can go to market. Nation of Makers was suggested as a possible venue for help in such things.

[Kyle] brought in a small scale model of The Tet, a tetrahedral LED-lined frame. A far larger version is planned to be the centerpiece of an upcoming art installation, with its LED pattern choreographed with music and human performers.

[Liam] brought his ISS Above project, which served as a starting point for discussions on projects that make space research projects approachable to everyone: help spread the love of all things space.