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Improvements for the ubiquitous alarm clock

Christoph TackChristoph Tack 12/16/2018 at 14:070 Comments

This design has quite a lot of parameters that can be set.  It's challenging to find a way to set these all up easily using only a 32x16 display.  The display can only show 10 characters at a time.

Menu input would be limited to using a rotary encoder or a few switches.

I have tried a few menu libraries for Arduino : Arduino Menu System, Arduino_LCD_Menu and ArduinoMenu.  They all suffer from the same problems:

Let's take the Google clock app for Android as a reference.  This app allows to setup more or less the same parameters as listed below.  Using the app, an alarm can be setup in less than 30s.  This would be nearly impossible to do with a 32x16 LED array and four buttons.


Parameter setup will be done using physical switches.  A combination of DIP switches and rotary switches will be used. 



The input panel will be implemented on a separate PCB, allow for upgrade, changes in a future stage.

Menu structure


The Nokia 3310 features an elegant way of navigating the menu. Three buttons are involved:

  1. A two-way switch for scrolling through the menu.
  2. A "select" button to accept a certain choice
  3. A "back" button to cancel.