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Improvements for the ubiquitous alarm clock

Christoph TackChristoph Tack 01/20/2019 at 11:500 Comments

Main housing


Because of the sunrise simulation, the housing, or a least a major part of it must be translucent or transparent.  Translucent materials are preferred as the diffusion of the light will make the housing light up as a whole.  It's an option to use transparent materials for the housing and stick a translucent film onto it.



Antenna enclosure

There's a chance that the electronics of the generate too much EM-noise, so that the antenna and receiver need to be placed in a separate housing.

A suitable housing is the Hammond 1593NBK (Farnell €2.75).

If you want to build a really cheap enclosure for your antenna with hot glue and some scrap piping, have a look here.