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A project log for Pimp my dormroom

Turning a bare university dorm room into an epic lab that's also a stylish living space. Make friends and evil robot minions concurrently!

johnowhitakerjohnowhitaker 01/28/2016 at 19:141 Comment

So here's the starting materials:

A room, hot glue, a pico-projector, enough sensors and so on to do whatever needs doing, a hack saw and a dremel, both probably illegal, enthusiasm and a small budget (like, tiny). I should hopefully get access to a laser cutter and possibly even a 3D printer, but since it'll be a pain I'd rather do stuff myself.

The room (sink not pictured, ONE power outlet):

And here's my bed put to good use laying out some of my junk:

From top left, in rows from back to front:

The good bits of my #Mini Laser Cutter and #Scanning EIT Imaging System (SEITIS) projects. A box full of enclosures, power supplies, cable ties and tea things. Two excellent books :D. Printer parts (opto-interrupters etc). A stickvice. Row Two: Hacksaw blades, files, soldering stuff (flux not shown), some motors, box cutters, markers, breadboard, THE BOX, glue gun. Third row: stickers (, hackaday, possibly google), batteries, tape and pin headers hiding an assortment of resistors and caps, a box with a few dev boards (obligatory arduino in there from the early days), a tub of toner powder and more breadboards, the dremel with a few sanding and cutting attachments (plus a leatherman sidekick and another hammer multitool in the case.

THE BOX is new for me - it came as a kit of 37 sensors to which I added my own stuff. Rough contents:

Original contents described here:

Added more photo-transistors, tons of LEDs, motors and control boards, misc ICs (including micros), a few displays, some radio nodes given to me by a friend, connectors, RFID reader, a few more temp sensors and thermistors from printers,lots of FETs and BJTs, lots of random extras like buttons and so on. Could come in handy!

Since everything has to be impermanent and non-destructive, I'm going to be using a lot weak adhesive (hot glue on walls? will check it's ok) and string to keep the warden happy.


Eric Hertz wrote 01/29/2016 at 04:36 point

Good selection. And "The Warden" made me laugh ;)

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