MIDI support & 2x 8-step sequencer demo

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Polyphonic, stack based synth & livecoding environment for STM32

toxitoxi 01/31/2016 at 23:580 Comments

Just ported and extended the MIDI step sequencer demo from previous STM32F401 iteration to STM32F746 and updated the repo.

The Korg Nanokontrol is configured as follows:

- the first row of buttons ("S") is used as 8 step sequencer for track 1
- the second row of buttons ("M") => track 2
- 2 leftmost sliders control filter cutoff freq for sequencer tracks 1 & 2
- 2 leftmost dials controls resonance for each filter
- 3rd dial => delay feedback
- 4th & 5th dial => attack time for track 1 & 2
- Marker left/right => change waveform for oscillator 1 (all tracks)
- Track left/right => transpose current sequence by -12, -5, 0, +7 or +12 semitones
- Rewind, Stop & Play do as expected (when the app starts, it is in Pause mode - you'll need to press Play and activate at least one "S" or "M" button)

The notes played in each sequencer track are randomly chosen from a musical scale defined in the source code. If you don't like a note, simply de-activate and then press the "S" or "M" button again to get another semi-random note...