Interim release of raw synth code & August workshop

A project log for STM32F4/F7 Synstack

Polyphonic, stack based synth & livecoding environment for STM32

toxitoxi 08/15/2016 at 10:360 Comments

As an interim solution & since work got in the way over the recent months and has caused slow down (not halting!) development of this project, I've decided to push some of the earlier and more stable versions to this Github repo:

For now this repo includes an iteration of the earlier node graph based, but more feature-rich synth engine (incl. 8 examples) and an earlier version of the Forth VM & REPL. Note though that this repo only contains the portable synth code and no STM32 specifics. Instead, to make experimentation easier for more people, all demos use Portaudio to allow running on OSX/Linux (Windows principally too, but untested).

Next weekend (20-21 Aug) I will run another iteration of the STM32 synth workshop, which might produce some more updates on this front...