250W 2kV Power Supply

compact, single-board, 2kV power supply

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This is a spinoff of the ionic thruster power supply that reuses the pieces of that design to create a lower power 2kV supply. The aim is produce a moderately small single-board power supply that can deliver 250W at 2kV with an input voltage range of 110V to 240V.

The initial request by @Reinier van der Lee was for a 2kV 200W power supply.

Design goals:

  • Output: 125mA @ 2kV (250W rating to provide some margin)
    • +/- 2% regulation tolerance
    • < 2Vp-p ripple from switching current
    • current limited output
  • Input: 100 VAC - 270 VAC tolerant
    • >0.99 power factor with 250W load
    • soft-start and inrush current limiting
    • EMI filtered
    • full output power over specified voltage range
  • Efficiency: >90%

  • Quick Update

    Robert Rouquette03/01/2016 at 17:42 0 comments

    I've identified a control loop instability that prevents the PFC output voltage from settling correctly. Once I have the instability corrected, it shouldn't take long to finalize the board layout and assemble a prototype.

  • Progress Update

    Robert Rouquette02/02/2016 at 20:29 0 comments

    The board layout is about 60% complete. Waiting on final SPICE analysis before completing the remaining regions.

    The SPICE analysis and final circuit design are almost complete. Currently working on the soft-start circuitry, power-on stability, and verifying that no components are over stressed. After that I just need to verify the output capacity and stability over the input voltage range, check that the input power factor is acceptable, and ensure that the EMI filtering fully blocks the switching noise.

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