Quantity   Component name
2 × LED's Color and size of your choice.
1 × 100 ohm resistors dropping resistors for the LED's
1 × Case to house assembly in I used a plastic case I had laying around, use what you need. You can leave it as a bare board if you want.
1 × Misc wire I used wirewrap wire but can be done with any small guage wire.
1 × SPST swtch This will be used to turn power on/off to the esp8266.
1 × Momentary on push button swtich This will be used to put the esp8266 into firmware load mode.
1 × ftdi USB to servial interface Selet the one that fits your needs. Should have 5v from the USB port passed to the tx/rx side of the connector.
1 × Small bread board I used this to hold the FTDI, voltage regulator and voltage divider resistors.
2 × resistors 1K ohm and a 2K ohm for voltage divider Values need to be close 1k and 2.2k is fine. 1/8 watt is fine. building a simple voltage divider..
1 × Voltage regulator, 5v to 3.3v MS1117, 7503 or other similar buck converter will work.
1 × 8 pin 2x4 socket You can get a 2x4 or just build one from a couple of generic 1x sockets