Mini 3D Printer

Just 1 of Mini 3D Printers

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the Start of a Mini Project 3D Printer more Details coming soon as i go along a Arduino Coming soon but have to wait on which of the 3D Printer Hot End will fit and Light
( Update !!! im going to add a Pi Zero for a All in 1 Printer )

Phase 1 . Fitting every thing will be doing some Cutting where it need it and when it get Warmer
i dont know the Data Sheet on the Motors yet and hopefully i dont Mess it up

Phase 2. Coming Soon
  • 5 × Dead DVD Roms at least Matching Drives
  • 1 × Rasberry Pi Zero Can be any Ver
  • 5 × Stepper Drivers
  • 1 × Pi GPIO Shield
  • 1 × 3Doodler Pen or any Slim Line 3D Pen

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Pablo wrote 04/29/2018 at 17:27 point

the troublesome Mini Steppers is soldering them with out messing up with to much heat would be easy to have a variable temperature

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