Characterization of DCDC Boost

A project log for VMU Zero V2 [coming soon]

Reviving the Dreamcast VMU

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OLED requires 14V and VMU Zero generates it using Boost Converter. Conversion efficiency and output voltage ripple are evaluated.

Test Setup


  1. Slide the Switch S1 to OFF position to disconnect the battery
  2. Attach the USB cable
  3. Display single color or white image on the OLED
  4. Measure I_in / V_in at R17 and I_out / V_out at 14V output
  5. [Test Case #1] Repeat 4 with varying the display image
  6. [Test Case #2] Slide S1 to ON and remover USB then Repeat 3-5 


OLED Power vs White Input Level

Efficiency #1 - VBUS vs 14V Output

Efficiency #2 - VBAT vs 14V Output