"Hey Athena" - Jarvis's better half

Home automation & voice assistance. Open-source and cross-platform. Everything that Siri, Cortana, and Echo can do -- and more.

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"Hey Athena" is a 100% open-source, cross-platform, modular voice assistant framework. It aims to do everything that Siri, Cortana, and Echo can do -- and more.

Usage Examples:
"Athena *beeps* what's the weather like in DFW?"
"Athena *beeps* what is the capital of Tanzania?"
"Athena *beeps* turn up *plays music*"
"Athena *beeps* open"

Our modular templates make it easy to add new "skills" to Athena. Write a simple Python "skill" module to control your house with your voice. Write a module to post a tweet with your voice.

Don't like the name "Athena"? Change it to anything you want, like "Swagger Bot" or "Home Slice". Check us out at and

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poorvika wrote 02/25/2018 at 09:48 point

I am new to this. Can anyone help ?

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Shashwat Khoont wrote 06/18/2016 at 04:32 point

I am new to programming but would like to try this project out. Can you help me get stated? 

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V McCoy wrote 03/16/2016 at 16:07 point

Great project!

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