battery box 2.STL

externally mounted battery box because its a ball ache taking your rover apart every time the batteries die.

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first go at taking readings from analog sensor array. the two sensors disabled by // dont work properly but i left the code in. Also, there is a big delay between readings so it is easy to see what is happening in serial monitor.

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arduino sketch to explore analogue read and analogue write commands. its not perfect but it works...

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teensy holder v4.3.STL

Mount for a teensy 3.1. Teensy can be mounted both ways up, 3.2mm mounting holes fit raspberry pi 2 (length and width), also holes 10mm apart and 20mm apart.

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dagu mounting board.STL

A mounting board for a raspberry Pi 2 B and an L298 driver to be mounted on a dagu rover chassis. also fits a 4xaa battery box or one of the powerpacks from ryanteck.

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