How to build an extension pipe to shower 100% safe

How to build an extension pipe to shower 100% safe.
using materials with fair price found in house building materials.

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Most water extenders for electric showers do not meet the safety standards ((are made of aluminum, iron conductive material electricity) and plastic low mechanical strength and inadquado length)
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  • 1 × PVC pipe for water diameter 20 mm, high mechanical resistance and electrical insulation. pipe with quick fitting and connection LEDs and Accessories / Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • 1 × 20mm pvc glove with a smooth side and one screw
  • 1 × 20 mm suit with smooth and another part with external thread
  • 1 × Teflon tape
  • 1 × saw blade

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    Step 1

    Measure the wall up shower drain (eg 30 cm) cutting the tube bar in size and sand the two extremities and then a dab of glue on the sleeve and tube and cencaixe the glove, right after pass glue adapter and the other end of the tube and fit both.

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