Update #1

A project log for Sonic Probe

It's not a Screwdriver, so we called it a Probe! It isn't sonic neither, but sssh it's a secret.

astuAstu 07/09/2015 at 08:470 Comments
Despite not posting it here, we have been keeping updating this project, yet we have never assembled it's parts yet. We have added a tv-b-"mute", more projectors to the tv-b-gone, got the laser working finally (had to order another one, as it seems that I (Astu) broke the salvaged one), and we are now adding a gyroscope and a little vibratory motor for feedback, so we can interface better with this project. We are also looking for a better package, as this one seems to be getting to small for all the things I want to put inside. We'll also switch probably to smaller cells in order to make it more slim. Oh, and we are dropping the Arduino Pro Mini. We'll be using an ATMEGA328P-PU. Trying to save battery everywhere! Maybe a solar panel... that would be nice.