In order to construct we need a platform, we can't work in an obstructed platform so we need an unobstructed platform. In order to engineer a blank state we need to retrace our steps back to the beginning of our logical story. The pattern is ridiculously simple. We've known about it for centuries and those with authority over it have guarded with good reason. Quite simply put, progression works not unlike the golden ratio. 0010 0010 0010.

(0010)2 = (2)10 

These two statements are materially equivalent 
as in you can only get one with the other. 

in other words, (0010)2 IF AND ONLY IF (2)10.

If this pattern is representational to the rate of change
in our universe then the only way for change to occur is
if we all follow the rule in harmony. When two waves
harmonize they emit a third. When our world views are in harmony all of which we have experienced is consolidated into that which we call reality.