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MC68030 based single board computer

Tobias RathjeTobias Rathje 03/02/2016 at 00:520 Comments

I have now finished the first board design:

After I sent the gerber files off for fabrication, I found out that I have made a damn stupid mistake necessitating an adapter for the RAM chip. When I contemplated a viable design I first made a schematic with a 32 bit RAM interface, and after I changed the design to a simpler 8 bit design, I forgot to change the adressing so the address bus for the RAM is shifted two bits. Oh well, this is my first time using KiCad and the first time I have ever designed a real PCB, so I guess such mistakes are bound to happen. If the rest is OK, I can live with that. On a second note I also think I could have made the power distribution better, anyway, time will tell if it works.

After waiting for some days, I received the finished PCB from the manufacturer:

Nice stuff!