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A project log for Raspberry Pi Zero LiPoly board

An add-on to the Pi Zero that charges a LiPoly battery when the Pi is using external power, and powers the Pi when not.

Duane BensonDuane Benson 05/12/2016 at 07:390 Comments

I've skipped a few logs. Since ,my last, I built up a V1.2 (I called them V2 in my earlier log) board. It worked, with a few mods, but I wanted a bit more flexibility with the I/O that I used, and some additional test points. That resulted in V1.3, which worked well, but needed a mod wire on the battery on/off indicator LED.

A V1.4 is now on the way that has that mod and an added set of direct battery pins to drive my dual motor drivers that I've since designed.