First POM print success

A project log for High-voltage assisted 3d printing

Attempting to use high voltage for better adhesion to print bed

DeepSOICDeepSOIC 03/13/2016 at 19:540 Comments

Finally, I've found the print surface I can print POM onto =)))))

This is an old LCD panel from a laptop. I ripped off the polarizer film (acetone helps doing it). The layer of glue that remained after peeling off the film is the surface I printed on.

And yes, I am holding the panel by the POM printout I just printed! It's well and truly stuck!!

Unfortunately for the project, high voltage has nothing to do about this success.


print bed T = 130 deg.C (temperature of the surface - setpoint was 150 deg.C)

extruder T = 250C (1st layer) / 220 deg.C (the rest)