Educational Robotics platform merging Cardboard and Electronics

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Developing an educational toy robotics platform consisting of recycled cardboard, state-of-the-art electronics, and toy parts for hand built construction and assembly.

Problem: Facilitate the understanding of technology hands-on, at eye level will ingrain the knowledge necessary for our kids to venture into the future.

Solution: Develop a low cost, easy to use, educational STEM based learning platform that allows for unlimited creativity. Due to the low cost easily modifiable cardboard, this project will enable robotics projects across the world. With an hack-able base platform anyone can control motors, interface to sensors, and communicate wirelessly to their creations.


How do you teach kids (and adults) about engineering in a fun and creative way? Can you build a platform so it is not a one time build and forget type of experience like so many other educational toys?  


Cardboard Boxes + Robotics == BoxBotics

Why Cardboard:

The obvious reason being costs and accessibly. Why not reuse your Amazon boxes and have some fun with them before they go to recycling. Also bringing up recycling, not only are you using recycled material in your project, but once you are done with it, you can easily recycle it where is was going to go anyways.  But the most important is accessibility as a building material, as it is in reach of everyone. It puts everyone on the same playing field. Everyone can share their designs and everyone can make them. It's like 3d-printers in a way, but recyclable and even lower cost. 

The only real tools needed is a knife or scissors and your imagination. 

Why Robotics:

Sure, there are a ton of fun and creative things you can do with just cardboard, but add to the mix cutting edge electronics and sensors and your can really take it to the next level. What kid wants to program on a computer without any interaction with the outside world. Having the ability to program something that moves is an important driver to learning what you can do with programming and pushes you to see what else you can do. 

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Pure Engineering wrote 03/19/2018 at 03:28 point

Those are great, I searched for others and didn't find them. I'm glad I'm not the only one :)  keep the list going ;)

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Dr. Cockroach wrote 03/19/2018 at 07:42 point

A list? Now I have my work cut out for me :-D

Great project and glad that cardboard is catching on as a building material :-)

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ActualDragon wrote 03/19/2018 at 02:06 point

you should check out #Cardware, #Origaime (Cardware-bis), #The Cardboard Computer - IO is my name, and other projects from @Yann Guidon / YGDES and @Morning.Star for some inspiration, finally, someone as crazy about cardboard as they are!

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Ted Yapo wrote 03/19/2018 at 02:07 point

Is there no cardboard project list?  @Dr. Cockroach should really start one :-)

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ActualDragon wrote 03/19/2018 at 02:09 point

oh yeah, he's one of you guys too. sorry dr, i completely forgot XD

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 03/19/2018 at 03:24 point

So the list is created :-D

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