Building a Better Autonomous Car

A self driving car that communicates with surrounding self driving cars, improving overall safety and eliminating traffic.

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With the recent advancements in self-driving cars, we've noticed that almost all of the self-driving cars being developed are neglecting a very big issue with cars and transportation today-traffic & congestion. We decided to develop a self driving car "network" that acts as a mesh network, with the "nodes" being individual cars and stations

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The Problem

Traffic is a huge concern for anyone who uses a car in a city. Every year in the US, traffic congestion makes Americans lose around 124 billion dollars. It causes stress to drivers, wastes time, and makes cars more prone to accidents.

The Idea

Our project is to address this problem with self driving cars that communicate with vehicles and stations around it, and a model infrastructure to support them. Our goal is to:

  1. Have the whole sensor and communications hardware to cost under 500 USD
  2. Develop a car that can successfully navigate through a test track
  3. Develop an efficient communication protocol for the network

  • 1 × Pi Zero For computer vision and communication. Cheap and easy to use
  • 1 × Arduino UNO for sensor inputs
  • 4 × Ultrasound sensor
  • 4 × Cameras probably with fisheye lens to makimize field of wiew
  • 1 × Bluetooth module
  • 4 × DC motors
  • 1 × Servo
  • 1 × relay Power Supplies / Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • 1 × usb hub

  • Designing the concept of the car

    Kemal Ficici05/10/2016 at 14:05 0 comments

    I'm planning on starting with basic RC cars as a proof of concept, and then scaling up to full-fledged car. I'm using the OpenCV library for computer vision and lane detection. A raspberry pi zero or an intel edison would be a good option, as it is small, cheap, and has decent specs. I may incorporate a neural network/machine learning if I can build a good enough algorithm. Once I have a working autonomous car, then I will work on the communication protocol and its decision making process.

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