First Vehicle Return Value

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Anything goes digital transition for radio control appliances. Like HDTV, but for RC projects

Blake W. FordBlake W. Ford 03/29/2016 at 06:490 Comments

The Android server now accepts POST request with content structured in KEY:VALUE pairs. Using this mechanism, I added the first valid return value (PLATFORM:<device>). Under normal conditions the vehicle is labeled as Intel Edison, the platform return value from mraa. On the using the desktop client, the value is Desktop.

This was the easiest value I could think of to return. Not particularly useful, but great for demonstration. I have the steering relays on order, and those should get installed in the next couple of days. Once those are in place, the proof of concept should be complete. From there I expect to do a few performance / usability enhancements. Likely in late April or early May I will decide on and purchase the next drive vehicle. For now I added a photo of my bench top setup.